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Killaloe Diocesan Appointments 2018

bishop-fintan-2Bishop Fintan Monahan has issued the Diocesan Clerical Appointments for 2018. The appointments reflect the ongoing work of the Diocesan Pastoral Plan – Builders of Hope. They are the fruit of much consultation between Bishop Fintan, the Pastoral Planning Team, the Clergy and a series of public meetings held across the Diocese in March and April.

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Key Principles

During the consultation process a number of key principles emerged which were incorporated into the appointments published today.

• A reorganisation of Diocesan structures to support more workable Pastoral Areas that encourage greater co-operation between parishes.

• The pastoral care of all the people of the Diocese in a way that is accessible to them.

• The care of priests in a manner that is appropriate to their age and ministry.

• The requirements of the Code of Canon Low.

New Pastoral Areas

The 58 parishes of the diocese have, up to now, been divided into 12 clusters but experience and feedback from the recent area meeting has shown the need to review these structures and reduce the size of some of the larger clusters. There will now be 15 Pastoral areas across the Diocese.

Team Ministry, Co-PP’s and Vicars Forane

It is hoped that a strong sense of team ministry will develop according to the needs of each Pastoral Area. Priests under the retirement age (75) will act as Co-Parish Priests in each Pastoral Area. They will meet regularly to provide peer support and establish the best ways to work collaboratively in their ministry. One priest in each Pastoral Area will be appointed as Vicar Forane to co-ordinate and oversee joint pastoral efforts and programs. Retired Clergy over the age of 75 will continue to provide ministry support in each Pastoral Area according to need and ability.

Diocesan Appointments

Announcing the Diocesan Appointments for 2018 Bishop Fintan expressed gratitude to the clergy who were so accommodating in responding to the current pastoral challenges and also to those who participated in the area meetings as well as the Pastoral Planning team.

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