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Generosity & Selflessness – Thank You Pat!

pat-o-neillShannon Parish has been supporting the Burren Chernobyl Project (BCP) and the orphanage at Gorodishche (Belarus) for close to 19 years. From the start of the project in 2000, the people of Shannon have provided financial support, physical service (building and decorating), and volunteer teams to spend quality time with the children and young adults. Shannon has never been shy at going above and beyond all expectations in ensuring that our “adopted” orphanage and residents are given a level of care and support that we should all be proud of.

Every now and again, there is another level of surprise in how far we can go in our generosity, and in this instance a remarkable show of selflessness. Originally from Donegal, Pat O’Neill has been living in Shannon for many years. Pat and Maureen, living in Coill Mhara, have long supported the Burren Chernobyl Project charity and came up with quite a novel and unique way of going the extra mile.

Pat celebrated his 80th birthday recently and, in an act of incredible generosity, asked that all gifts from friends and family be donated to the orphanage at Gorodishche, through BCP. I have no doubt that a great night was had at the celebration of Pat’s birthday (no stories will be told here) but as a result of his kindness and generosity, he will ensure that hundreds of children and young adults will benefit; in small and big ways. Thank you so much Pat, Maureen, and family.

The volunteer group from Shannon, leaving for Gorodishche today, will ensure that our friends in the orphanage know all about their new “papa Pat”.  We wish Pat every blessing on his birthday.

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