Earlier this year Pope Francis inaugurated a new Feast of Mary, known as Mary, Mother of The Church. It is to be celebrated the day after Pentecost Sunday. It acknowledges the role Mary played in supporting the Apostles after the Resurrection and her presence at Pentecost when the Church was formed. On Monday 21st May, the day after Pentecost Sunday, the new Shrine of our Lady called Mary, Mother of The Church was dedicated and blessed at the 9.30am Mass in Mary Immaculate Church.

This Shrine to Mary celebrates the Golden Jubilee of our Parish and is available to people for their private prayers and devotion to Mary Mother of God. Our thanks to Michael Clancy Builders who constructed the Shrine, and the Sisters of Mercy for donating the Statue of Mary. It’s previous life was in St. Xavier’s Convent of Mercy, Ennis. To Colette Loughran, who painted the Statue, Fr. John Buckley, PP Kileentierna, Co. Kerry and his Parishioners who donated the Candleabra, Colm Roche, Electrician and LCE, Smithstown for the graphics and signage.