Published on August 5, 2009


Preparation for First Holy Communion

All children will complete the “Do this in Memory” programme prior to receiving their First Holy Communion.

We meet with the Parents of the Children preparing for First Holy Communion  to explain the “Do this in Memory” programme and select the class representatives who will meet with the priests every month to plan the liturgies.

During following Sunday Masses the children from our Parish Schools will be enrolled for their First Confession and First Holy Communion.

Do this in Memory’ is a parish based sacramental preparation program for First Eucharist with the introduction of THUMB: Thats His/Her Useful Mass Book. This book contains a variety of ways in which parents and children can engage with the programme before, during and after Mass. The content of THUMB will be as follows:

Introduction to the Do This in Memory programme including a guide for parents that suggests ways they might use the programme most effectively

What Happens at Mass?
An introduction to the Mass in nine parts. Two new characters, Kath and Qumen, who are also preparing for their First Eucharist, help the children and their parents learn more about the Sunday celebration

The Rite of Mass:
This will help parents and children to participate more fully each time they attend Mass

Nine Grapevine Newsletters which are distributed after each Do This in Memory Mass.  The Grapevine helps parents to engage more fully with the programme at home.