First Communion and Confirmation 2020

Published on March 30, 2020

Please read the following notice in regard to First Communion and Confirmation ceremonies as agreed with our Primary School Principal’s. It is also posted on our Facebook feed.

May God keep us safe!


Good afternoon everyone and I hope I find you safe and well, I encourage you to continue to play your part in ensuring that everyone is washing the hands, keeping the social distance, using a tissue and maintaining the best health standards at this time of Covid-19.


I want to speak especially to all our families who are due to celebrate First Communion and Confirmation in the coming weeks at the end of April and during the month of May.  On Friday March 13th last I posted a Facebook video assuring our families and children that they would celebrate their special day.  That has not changed.  To our children watching this video I want to say that you will celebrate your special day, once it’s safe for everyone to do so.  To families I want to reassure you also.


However, in the light of the restrictions placed by the HSE and government, and with the safety of everyone as priority, and having consulted and received the agreement of our Primary School Principal’s, ALL First Communion and Confirmation ceremonies are postponed.  We have also agreed that the ceremonies will be re-scheduled once the school’s and Church’s re-open.  When our school’s re-open we will re-schedule the First Communion’s and Confirmation’s dates, and families will receive at least 2 weeks notice in advance.


Right now the safety of us all is paramount and I wanted to clarify the position regarding the celebrations as quickly as possible.


I thank you for watching and rest assured I will continue to work with our school principal’s and school’s during this time.  So be safe everyone, and to the children we do look forward to celebrating your special day.


God bless us, our families and our young people!