Give thanks for your Vaccinations!

Published on April 22, 2021

Now that the vaccine rollout is gathering momentum and as most of our family, friends and neighbours receive their covid vaccinations, we rejoice and celebrate that our loved ones are protected. Please continue to observe all safety precautions while others await theirs! We thank God for the great minds and intellects worldwide and for the miracle of technology who have come up with vaccines to defeat this coronavirus and save millions around the world from more sickness and death. We pray for all those who have died as a result of the virus and the many families who are left bereaved, shocked and stunned at the cruel way this virus has affected theirs and their loved ones lives. May God shine compassion and love on them as they  mourn their loss.

We take this opportunity once again to say a big thank you to all our frontline workers and key workers in our supermarkets, shops etc who continue to serve our community so well and unselfishly put themselves out there to deliver necessary services. Thank you one and all for the amazing work you do! We are eternally grateful to you all.