Happy Grandparents’ Day

Published on July 22, 2021

This Sunday 25th July, is the feast of SS Joacim & Anne, parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary and grandparents of Jesus.  A day of special celebration for all grandparents. Let’s honour our grandparents dead or alive and the wonderful support, love and kindness they have shown to us especially as children:
Pope Francis has always reminded us to value the many gifts of our grand-parents and elderly and, in recognition of their role, the Holy Father has now instituted an annual World Day into the Church calendar to be celebrated on the Sunday closest to the Feast of Saint Joachim and Saint Anne, parents of Mary and grandparents of Jesus. A new dedicated World Day offers a welcome focus by the Church on grandparents and elders. The theme chosen for this inaugural year is ‘I am with you always’ (Mt 28:20), highlighting that promise of closeness that generations share with each other. Not only are our young people called to be present in the lives of older people, but so too grandparents and elders have a mission to encourage young people on their faith journey. Happy Grandparents’ Day!