Iluanmanagh Lawn Cemetery

Published on March 19, 2021

Please read the following notice from Clare County Council:

Illaunamanagh Lawn Cemetery – Grass Cutting Season 2021

Please note that grass cutting season at Illaunamanagh Lawn Cemetery is scheduled to commence on the 1st April 2021.


A Lawn Cemetery is different layout from traditional burial grounds. It is designed to ensure ease of maintenance. We are asking people with graves in the lawn cemetery to ensure that any impediments to the cutting of the grass on the surface of the grave are now removed please. These include solar lights, artificial wreaths, temporary kerbing etc.  The Council’s policy in relation to Lawn Cemetery graves is that they need to be kept free of items to ensure grass cutting of the lawn grave area can take place safely and unimpeded throughout the growth season (April to September). Permitted memorials for lawn graves include a headstone or plaque. Memorial flowers may also be placed on the plinth at the top of the grave. The placement of any items on the surface of the grave is not permitted under Clare County Council Burial Ground Byelaws 2015.


Clare County Council appreciates the sensitivities around these matters and does not wish to cause any undue upset or inconvenience. However, it is necessary to remind patrons of the burial ground of the Lawn Cemetery policy due to the increasing amount of personal items that have appeared over time, and the impact that this is having on the appointed grass cutting contractor. Specific concerns have been raised in relation to the time and care required to mow around specific plots individually without risk of damage to items placed on graves or the safety of the Contractor, his equipment or the general public.


The Council is therefore seeking the cooperation of families/relatives of the deceased with the removal of items in advance of the grass cutting season.  Any remaining items that are impeding access to the grass cutting contractor will have to be removed to ensure that the grass can be cut safely and the lawn cemetery maintained as a pleasant and accessible location for families and visitors to the Burial Ground.


Clare Co. Council would like to acknowledge the significant compliance with the lawn cemetery policy informed by the Council’s Bye-Laws in the wider cemetery and thank you for your cooperation in this matter.


Should you have any concerns or questions in relation to the above, please contact the Burial Grounds Unit of Clare Council who will offer support and guidance or for further information please refer to the council’s Burial Ground Bye-Laws which are available on