Synodal Pathway Questionnaire

Published on February 23, 2022

Shannon Parish

Dear Parishioner/Friend,

Greetings from Shannon Parish.  We are writing because Pope Francis wants to hear from you about what is happening in your local parish.  He would like to know what you think we should all be doing to make our parish much better.  He has proposed what is called a ‘Synodal Pathway’ meaning ‘Journeying Together’ where we listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying to us to discern the path we are called to walk together.

There are 3 themes proposed for this task the Pope calls on us to undertake:

  • Communion – Where conversations lead to an active participation in the mission of Christ in our Parish.
  • Participation – All of us listen to each other about questions that matter.
  • Mission – This communion has a common purpose.

The conversations and upcoming Synod are intended to inspire us to dream about the Church and Parish we are called to be, to learn from each other and restore each of us to common mission in Christ.

In this endeavour there are 3 questions we would like you (individually) and others (groups) if possible, to reflect on and respond to on the page overleaf.  Your response will be part of the overall feedback which will be forwarded to Rome. You are welcome to submit additional information on the 3 questions.  Your privacy is important to us, so we ask you not to put your name down on the questionnaire. You may return your questionnaire to the box at the entrance to our Church’s, to the Parish Office, or email  before March 31st.  The questionnaire will also be posted on our website   and 


Thank you for playing your part.  We look forward to hearing from you.


Fr Arnold



Question 1 – Communion

How might we work to build a more inclusive Church?











Question 2 – Participation

How can we listen better to the different voices in our Parish? Are there other important voices on the periphery?  Who are these voices and how can we include them?










Question 3 – Mission

How can we as a Parish do more to reach out?  How can we empower parishioners to use their gifts so we can be a more energetic Church in the world?










Please tick your age category

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