Thank You!

Published on November 9, 2019

Thank you from Don and Joanne O Sullivan following their recent trip to Gorodishche!


Спасибо (Thank You) from the residents of Gorodishche. We had an excellent trip with weather that was from +18 to -5, without a single drop of rain.

As we head to the 20th anniversary of the connection between Shannon Parish and The Orphanage at Gorodishche, we can stand proud and consider what we (as a complete community) are doing an amazing job. Improvements in the conditions and general health of the children and young adults at the orphanage are evident as each year has passed. The funds raised and the volunteer visitors have meant that Shannon is “front and centre” in many of the improvements at the orphanage.

This year (with it coming in to winter) we brought and bought warm hats, scarves, socks, gloves, winter shoes, and coats, etc. We also spent some Shannon raised donations on art supplies, sewing materials, and copious amounts of sweets, biscuits, and goodies (everyone needs a treat when the Irish are in town!).

We visited a local school in a town about 10 miles from Gorodishche where Iryana (the local BCP representative) had worked as an English teacher many years ago. This was a chance to chat (they had lots of questions about “The Irish”) and sing for (and with) the young students – all mid-teens. We brought school supplies to this group (oh and of course, some sweets).

Joanne has insisted (for many years) that those who have passed away in the orphanage should be acknowledged and remembered by ensuring that they have a headstone on their grave. We visited and prayed for all of the residents buried in the local cemetery, remembering especially those that we have had the privilege of knowing.

With 2020 being the 20th anniversary, we look forward to some opportunities to do something extra special to keep the project alive and to ensure this wonderful connection can continue long into the future.

Don & Joanne