A Prayer for Protection Against Coronavirus

Published on March 7, 2020

I invite you to pray this prayer and share with others!

Prayer for Protection Against Coronavirus

We pray Lord Jesus for an increased awareness of, and commitment to health and communal safety measures for coronavirus COVID-109 in Ireland, and our world, in our parish communities and our diocese, in our families, social groups and with our friends, in our rural and urban communities, in our workplaces, businesses, means of transport and social activities, in our schools, daycare centres and playgrounds, in our shopping, travel and leisure, in our love of neighbour.

We pray Lord that we work as a community to heed the health alerts, to be calm and not panic, to uplift each other’s spirits, and be open to change as needed.

We pray Lord for the many ways in which we show respect for ourselves and others, in our conversations and activities, and in our willingness to adapt our lifestyles, in our gifts of patience and tolerance, in our use of social media, in our personal and communal prayer for others and ourselves.

We pray Lord for people affected in any way by coronavirus, for people who have died and their families, for people who have coronavirus and those who have recovered, for people who are in isolation at this time, for people working in hospitals, clinics, and medical centres, for doctors, nurses, medical staff and medical scientists, for ambulance, emergency services, and information technology people, for carers, counsellors and pastoral care ministers.

We pray Lord that Our Lady, Queen of Ireland and Queen of Protection will walk with each person at this time.  May she take this prayer to Christ Her Son who through his Life, Death and Resurrection comes to give us life and give it in abundance.

Bless us Lord with strength and protection.

May your blessing now come down upon us as we pray in silence.