Special Church Collections will be taken up on dates below:

Published on September 12, 2019


5/6th October             Priests Autumn Collection

26/27th October         Mission Sunday Appeal

24/25th December      Priests’ Christmas Collection.


25/26th  January        Diocesan Admin Appeal

22/23rd  February      Parish Faith Formation Appeal

16/17th March            Diocesan Education Fund

11/12th April               Priests’ Easter Collection

16/17th May                Lourdes Invalid Appeal

20/21st June              Priests’ Summer Collection

25/26th July               Diocesan Needs Appeal

29/30th August           Killaloe Diocese Sick & Retired Priests’ Appeal

26/27th September     Priests’ Autumn Collection

24/25th October         Mission Sunday Appeal

28/29th November      Youth Ministry Appeal

24/25th December      Priests’Christmas Collection

Most of the above collections fall on a Sunday or Holy Day and include the Vigil Masses of the Saturday evening in SS John & Paul Church. We ask that no other collection would take place on the weekend of a second collection or the day of the Priests’ collection.

We thank you for your continued generosity to all our Collections as they play a primary part in the pastoral care of the Parish.  Fr. Arnie